Creating New Intentions for a New Year

New year, new theme. 

Happy New Year all! New year, new me...right? We know there are many resolutions that have been set coming into this new year. However, the word resolution is defined as "the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter."

Maybe, what you want to achieve isn't a problem in your life. Maybe, it's something you are already doing wonderful at, but you want to create more focus around something and step it up a bit. By setting an intention for the year, you are able to have a loose structured guide to stay focused, yet remain flexible no matter what twist or turn occurs all year long. 

Planning a better self for the new year is more about sitting yourself down to reflect. Think about where you're currently at in your life, and where you want to be one year from now. Then it's about naming the habits that will help you get there.

For example, my 2016 was a year of growth and learning, and now it's about putting that new knowledge into action. I've chosen to focus on "TRANSFORMATION" for 2017!

Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite mug and planner and plan out your year!

1. Choose Your 2017 Intention

Your intention of the year is essentially a theme.

This could be a mantra, phrase or word. With your intention always in mind, it will help guide you when faced with decisions throughout the year.

Example: my intention for 2017 is about transformation. For me, this means creating habits that will help me blossom and transform my life into who I want to become. This includes transforming my body, transforming my home, transforming our brand, even transforming my mind to learn to relax.

2. Create Goals Around Your Intention

Now that you have a goal, it's about creating habit goals that will help you achieve this intention all year long. To be well rounded, I like to select a habit for each of the following categories: mind, body, spirit, heart, work, and home. Here are mine to kickstart ideas for your own!

2017:  The year of transformation

  • Mind | Take classes, watch videos or read books once a month to learn more about growing social media platforms, creative communication and visual marketing.
  • Body | track my macronutrients daily, and exercise 3-5 times a week
  • Spirit | spend 10 minutes everyday to meditate to relax and ground myself
  • Heart | fill out my daily gratitude log in my bullet journal
  • Work | continue to build the brand and post daily for Victoria and Marie
  • Home | complete the konmari method for tidying up my belongings before the end of the year

It's important to create habits that lead to the goal, but are also realistic! 

3. Last but most importantly, take action.

Now, keep that phrase somewhere with you where you'll always be reminded. In your phone's notes, or even write it in your planner. Better yet, make it your phone's wallpaper. Wherever it is, make sure it's somewhere that will keep you aware of it. As the year progresses, take time to check in with yourself and ask "have I been living intentionally?

Happy New Year!
Wish you all the best in an intentional 2017 life!

Passion Planner v. Happy Planner

When your week looks cute as hell it's hard not to be a tad more excited about it.

Passion Planner and The Happy Planner. (The Happy Planner is the Picture Quote style, and shown with mini disks)

Passion Planner and The Happy Planner. (The Happy Planner is the Picture Quote style, and shown with mini disks)

Although I'm currently managing google calendars for a living, there's nothing better than a great paper planner to prep for a productive week. 

There are two types that give me planner peace; 

The Passion Planner


the Happy Planner.

I think there is no right planner to have, it's all dependent on your needs. For me, the top 3 most important things about choosing a planner are:

  1. size must be compact and lightweight
  2. weekly layout functionality
  3. overall cute factor

These two made the cut for me, and I know you will love them too!

1. Passion Planner Compact

My 2016 #stayGOALden Passion Planner compact weekly layout before the pen

My 2016 #stayGOALden Passion Planner compact weekly layout before the pen

($24.99, purchased online only)

Link to buy: Passion Planner | Instagram: @passionplanner

This planner is perfect for: the goal digging multi-tasker who doesn't want anything falling through the cracks. I can't stress enough how much the Passion Planner has helped with time management.

Weekly layout: It's vertical hourly layout has kept me on track while balancing work, social life, gym time, and other varying commitments in between. The wide hour range from 6:00am to 11:00pm is helpful, whether you are a productive early bird or night owl.

It's goal oriented. From the very first page, the Passion Planner system guides you through a road map of goals and then walks you through how to break those goals into steps. These steps help you integrate them into your weekly to do lists. YAS, that is how you get sh*t done.

  • Favorite Features: weekly gratitude and goal setting, monthly reflections, open space for random notes and personal and work to do lists are split up
  • Pros: functionality, goal-oriented, structured for busy life
  • Cons: minimal room for washi and stickers, and lack of flexibility with how to use layout differently

I love my Passion Planner to death, but with a steady Monday-Friday office schedule, I haven't utilized the hourly breakdown lately. I realized it's a good time to try something different and get crafty with it.


My Happy Planner weekly layout before the pen

My Happy Planner weekly layout before the pen

($29.99 both in store at Michael's and Hobby Lobby or online the MAMBI website)

 ...and with 40% off coupon, I picked mine up at Michaels for $17.99. 

Link to buy: Michael's | Hobby Lobby | MAMBI | Instagram: @the_happy_planner

The Happy Planner is perfect for: the ever-changing creative and the planner sticker and washi tape enthusiast. 

Weekly layout: The Happy Planner has a 3-box vertical layout, similar to the fellow $65 Erin Condren Life Planner. The beauty of this type of layout makes it absolutely flexible in function, but you do have to experiment and create a system that works for you. This part got overwhelming to me at first, but once I figured out my routine (events | to do | health and gratitude), it was smooth sailing.

Tons of options. Initially, I thought the Happy Planner was too thick and heavy for me. To make it the right size to carry on my commute daily, I had to take out a 12 of the 16 months included. I purchased the mini discs (here) and only carry 6 months at a time. Now, it's perfect. That's only one example of many options there are to make it your own. There are so many design options, sticker packs and inserts. Creative customization is definitely their niche. 

  • Favorite features: The disc system is life changing! It's so easy to pull pages out and put them back. Also, the Happy Planner accessories are so cute and tempting.
  • Pros: Affordable, easy to find in stores, and customization is endless
  • Cons: Not intuitive; you will need to create a system that works best for you!
My planner decorating partner, Socks! Next to my 1557 seasonal sticker book (MAMBI), my Happy Planner and my 20 pack of Staedler pens.

My planner decorating partner, Socks! Next to my 1557 seasonal sticker book (MAMBI), my Happy Planner and my 20 pack of Staedler pens.

Honestly, I love them both and easily see myself switching between the two depending on my pace of life, and how many things I need to juggle at that time.

Hope this helps you find your planner peace! Let me know what planners you love!