Hi there! I'm Kimiko Marie.

Im a SAN FRANCISCO digital creator SHAriNG WAYS TO NURTURE A mindful lifestyle rooted in self-care.

If you live in a big city, you know it is equally full of adventure as it can be overwhelming. Too often, we are so focused on juggling life, trying to get through our daily commute and achieve our goals that we end up drained.

Modern day mindfulness is a key element that transform us from the inside out. It has been an ongoing journey that made me realize self-care is incredibly personal to each to us. Sometimes its uncomfortable. It’s about inner growth and there is no cookie cutter formula. So I’m here to inspire you with a list of new ideas you can try to simply find your preferred way to take care.

When we learn to take care of ourselves, our precious time, and our space, we make more room for the things and people we love. That way, we share the best version of ourselves to those that are around us.

All my experiences— the good and the bad— each hold unique lessons that are important for me to share with you. Truly, I love being there for someone’s next aha moment and hope to spark even a few of those through this space. Kindly, Kimiko is an extension of myself— a visual diary about San Francisco daily life written by a Bay Area Native. Good Eats. Good Company. Good Views. You name it! I've partnered with a variety of brands and local organizations like Oakland Unified School District, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Eastridge Center, and more, to share community-oriented stories about the local culture.

So grab a cup of tea, kick back and take your time. This little digital space is here to help you find calm in your every day. Enjoy.




MY MISSION : to spark creativity, encourage mindfulness and empower humans in self-care.
nature, plants, all black outfits, boots and heels, dance, brunch, carbs, pups, bullet journals, being cozy and National Parks
HOME: I live with my significant other, Tigran. We have two pups, Yoshi and Socks.
WORK: Keeping teams organized as a Project Coordinator in Tech