hi, i'm kimiko marie.

I'm a San Francisco blogger who is passionate about helping others, both
locals and visitors alike, find all the reasons why SF steals hearts...
...for it's views, it's food and it's fun.

As a Bay Area native, I still find hidden gems every day. I make it a goal to seek adventure in this city and to always do so with a huge appetite and in style. Sure, there's always fun within reach around here, but I admit it's not always easy to stay grounded in ever-changing San Francisco. I'm learning to thrive in this grey, eclectic and sometimes chaotic place I call home. My number one method of survival is nurturing mindful living and honoring time for self-care. I'm here to share those helpful techniques with you too.

Outside of the blogosphere, I'm a full time Communications Project Coordinator in tech. My guilty pleasure is listening to my inner couch potato and love to be lazy with my other half, T, and our two pups, Yoshi and Socks. I'm an ENFJ Gemini who always likes to switch things up, and has a deep fascination for plants, poetry, bullet journals, whiskey and national parks.

Every weekend, I sit down to open the laptop, turn on my favorite playlists & write what's on my mind and weighing on my soul. This blog is a calming ritual that brings me back to the present moment, and more importantly, connects me to you. Enjoy!


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