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So many of you tuning in are fellow content creators and bloggers. Reflecting back on my journey over the past few years made me realize how big the learning curve really is. I know how much time you put into your content and your platforms, let alone taking on brand collaborations. There is so much to track and I know it can feel overwhelming!

What helped me continue every step of the way was connecting with my fellow creative community. On top of meeting some of the most passionate, hardworking people I know, they generously shared resources that helped me grow and perfect my craft. Now, it’s about paying it forward.

Two years back, I created a google sheet that tracks my entire workflow around blogging. I’ve refined it ever since, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Literally, I keep a tab open at all times. In the spirit of those that helped me, I’m sharing my google template with you!

What Does the Google Sheets Template Track?

  • Stay ahead of your to-do list with goal trackers

  • Plan content with the editorial calendar 

  • Organize your brand collaborations, affiliate codes and deliverables

  • See how much you’re really spending with the budget tracker

  • Store all your favorite resources (book recommendations, websites, podcasts, etc)

  • Create an address book for all your brand contacts and more!

Who is this template work best for?

Anyone using the influencer business model for sponsored brand collaborations. Even if it’s titled “organizing your blogger workflow”, this template is also perfect for any type of creative who currently or will take on brand collaborations. This tool will get you one step ahead of the game.

And honestly, if you aren’t planning to collab with brands, this workflow tracker still has many other tabs that will be incredibly useful. You can delete (or add) anything that helps you stay organized!

PRO TIP: make sure to reference the user guide that comes with it, so you know how to make the most of this tool.

GREAT! Now How do I Get it?

Enter your email on the form below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox!

Can I use the template on my phone?

The short answer, YES! However, when initially downloading it, I recommend opening it up on a desktop/laptop computer first. Due to Google Sheets formatting, it will be much easier for you to set up. Once you’ve got that squared away, you can download the Google Sheets app to access it from anywhere!

I have questions and feedback about the template. Who can I reach out to?

I’m here to help! Feel free to reach out anytime by emailing me at

Get the template, straight to your inbox.

I’m happy to share any other resources or questions you may have about blogging, self-care, productivity or organization! Want a blog launch checklist? How to reach out to brands for collaboration? Let me know what you want to see next, by commenting on this post below!

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Exploring Eastridge Center

I took quick trip down to San Jose to meet up with a few girlfriends for last minute holiday shopping. Nerrissa, Kimberly, Abbie and I met up at Eastridge Center. We shopped until we couldn’t anymore, and picked up a few foodie faves and we went for a spin at Aloha Roller Rink.

It was my first time back to Eastridge Center since their remodel last year, and l LOVE the refreshed community-oriented vibe. On top of daily community events, they’ve added modern artistic decor that make the place feel brand new. There’s now over 20,000 square feet of instaworthy murals hugging the exterior walls. Like this cloudy-looking abstract one, by Brendan the Blob.


Here’s your fair warning-- my inner Leslie Knope is here to say a few words: It’s inspiring to see this transformation. You can tell Bay Area families and friends enjoy spending their time here. Restaurants. Games. Entertainment. It’s about gathering as much as it is shopping.  It’s got a little of everything and most importantly, it feels like a very positive uplifting space. Especially in today’s day and age, the amount of community IRL opportunities dwindles. People are shopping online. People also have their head down and subconsciously feel more comfortable interacting through social media. Especially the next generation. I get it. At least, until places like Eastridge Center bring new energy to the space. You want to be here. Then, it’s hard to resist and breaks the cycle in the best way possible. 🎉


Aloha Roller Rink

Many bags in hand, we took a break from shopping. Nerrissa encouraged us to lace up in roller skates and go for a quick spin at Aloha Roller Rink! It was equal parts falling and laughing. I’m definitely rusty since it’s been many years. 😅

San Jose has been without there roller rink for a few years now, so it’s exciting that it’s back in action. Between the 70’s and 90’s Eastridge Center even had Aloha Ice Skating Rink, so it’s quite nostalgic for many locals. This new winter wonderland themed pop-up is an ode to both of them. I’m so thankful I got to roll by while it’s there. It’s open until January 13th!

san jose roller skating rink aloha eastridge shopping .center fun

Tea Villa Best Boba Drinks South Bay Area

Tea Villa

In between running around, I needed a sweet refresher. We picked out some really pretty (and equally delicious drinks) from Tea Villa. I got the Scoop’d O’Mango ice cream drink (left: milk icy, mango ice-cream, mango concentrate and egg pudding) and Abbie had the Rose and Guava (right). I mean look at the heart shaped jellies! I Can’t deal with the cuteness. Both were so good.

Next time I’m trying their adorable potted plant milk tea drinks with oreo crumbles. Too many options. One major sweet tooth.

Great Khans Mongolian BBQ Best Area Food

Great Khan’s

You know me, I’m one to indulge in my pleasures… especially when it comes to food. No joke, once I remembered Eastridge Center had a Great Khan’s Mongolian BBQ spot, there was no negotiation. I knew I wasn’t leaving until I got my fix. Great Khan’s is a build-your-own-bowl noodle eatery, and there used to be many locations throughout the Bay Area. Over the years, many locations closed and are harder to come by. Even though there isn’t one near me in San Francisco, the craving hits constantly. I smiled so big when I finally had it again.

ready for that 20% off everything h&m Sale.

ready for that 20% off everything h&m Sale.

H&M Style Challenge

Before calling it a day, Abbie challenged Nerrissa and I to… drumroll please… an H&M Style Challenge! It was a 20% everything sale, so we had an extra incentive to pick a few more things out.

The goal: style each other in outfits that embody our own unique personal style! I had so much fun and really learned a lot from my girl that day. I had an ah-ha moment that I can let the “all black everything” rest sometimes knowing I can actually pull off pastels now. 😉

Tune in to our IGTV video on Nerrissa’s channel  to find out how we did, and if we walked away with new outfits. There’s a couple more fun tips + tricks in there as well. You DON’T want to miss it!

Traveling across the Bay Area to shop with my friends is some of the most vivid, candid memories I hold near and dear after all these years. Whether that was in high school, or something I still do today, shopping centers continue to be a gathering place for me and my closest friends. I’m really happy to see Bay Area centers like Eastridge grow and thrive. I’ll be making another trip soon. I’m sure my Great Kahn’s cravings will kick in the next few days. 😘

So happy you’re here.


Sponsored by: Eastridge Center
Skating with Aloha Roller Rink
Shopping with H&M at Eastridge Center
Featuring: Bay Area Bloggers @MsNerriss, @abbie.fontanilla and @dandy.eats

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Creativity. The most fruitful part of healing throughout my life. Whether the medium is photography, styling looks, writing or crafts... I channel my intentions, honest feelings and experiences into everything I get my hands on. Being able to express myself in this capacity is as refreshing as opening a window in a stuffy tight room, and finally taking in that first fresh breath of air. It’s a home to my vulnerable emotions and allows me to let go of what no longer serves me, while also bringing me closer to souls who mirror my own.

creative direction: Maica Sta Ana x @msnerriss

creative direction: Maica Sta Ana x @msnerriss

I’ve grown up pretty aware of mental illness, both learning how to be a supportive ally to those struggling in my family, and figuring out how to navigate my own feelings of depression and anxiety. I held onto demons for far too long, and as an empath had a tendency to hold onto others’ too. Art in all it’s forms has been the release.

At least for me, content creation has always been about storytelling and creation itself. Not recognition nor reputation. It’s a personal ritual. It’s medicine. All the toxic tendencies that I encounter in the influencer/blogging world are discouraging and I always have to ground myself with why I began in the first place. To create. Sometimes you can’t escape the mud that grows around the lotus, but you can continue to grow through it.

I struggle with the ebbs and flows constantly, whether it shows publically or not. The first sign I’m going through it is when I’m introspective and extra quiet in the virtual world. Sometimes, I feel like I have to be a lover and fighter all at once.

I guess my lesson to share and note to self is this. Grow through the mud, even past the days when self-doubt, hopelessness, or anxiety start to peak through. Catch yourself before you spiral and step back. And on the same note, take your time and cherish the present. Don’t rush the process, just give your personal best. Sometimes you’ll feel like you can take the world while other days, your best is just putting one foot in front of the other and it’s absolutely okay.

No matter what it is that brings you down, I hope you always stay rooted in what makes you feel whole. Sending you so much love.

Kindly, Kimiko