Dirtybird Campout


The goofy vibes were real! The label really killed it their first time around. In collaboration with the Do Lab, Dirtybird harnessed each and every campers inner-child, which made for an epic weekend full of the best of both worlds, summer camp and music festivals. Very minimal logistical issues, a variety of activities from crafts, sports to talent shows, and all went smooth other than the rain. When Mother Nature rains, she pours but everyone made a party of it. (I'm not joking... they had a muddy tug-o-war).

Team vibes

One unique thing that stood out to me was the team bandanas they gave to each camper. In order to participate in the games, you had to sign the waiver, and in return you got an exclusive Dirtybird Campout bandana. Look at that, killing two birds with one stone (pun intended): covering safety logistics and free incentives. Within your group, they try to give everyone different colors, as this intentional separates you from your friends to build team moral with others you may not know. Your bandana color (orange, yellow, green or purple) determined what team you would be on when participating in games, making for both friendly competition within old friends, and making new friends with your fellow teammates. As a rec and park professional, what they did was exactly what was needed to assure that collective festival moral was kept in place. It's very easy to lose that in festivals nowadays when so much focus is on the over-the-top production, and not enough education on the collaborative vibes.

Our neighbor and new friend, Aaron (AOK photography), captured some candid moments. Here's a few of my favorites featuring my favorite dirty birdies and the fun features there.


Until next year!