Modern Hawaiian Brunch at Aina

I can't stop raving about this place! It's been almost a week, and I'm still craving to go back. Over the weekend, Abbie invited me to brunch with her family for Aina's San Francisco Restaurant Week menu, and little did I know I'd come across one of San Francisco's best. A hidden gem to say the least!

Aina, a modern Hawaiian Eatery is located in the city's Dogpatch neighborhood. Its worth the trip and you've got to try this place to really understand how delicious it is. Each dish we ordered was packed with flavor, and had such a unique hawaiian twist to everyone's favorite brunch classics.

Aina's SF Restaurant Week special menu!

Aina's SF Restaurant Week special menu!

Everything we serve is from the land and rooted in what the land has given to us. We cook with the seasons and with love, using fine dining techniques and local ingredients from the Bay Area as well as specially imported ingredients from Hawai’i.
— Quoted from Aina's Philosophy

The Malsadas

portuguese style doughnuts, coconut sugar, filled with guava custard
(regular menu item)


Breakfast Potatoes

kennebec potatoes, furikake, compound butter, sunomono, micro mustard greens


Spam Musubi "Ssam Style"

Stone Valley Farms whole hog spam, boston bibb lettuce, kimchi, short grain rice, egg yolk furikake


Auntie's Banana Bread

house made banana bread, papaya puree, kinako sabayon, sesame honeycomb and fried curry leaves


Kalbi Loco Moco

slow braised kalbi short rib, smoked honshimeji mushroom jus, short grain rice, sunny side up eggs, hearts of palm pico de gallo, cilantro, pea tendrils


Kalua Pork Belly

pork belly, slow poached eggs, short grain rice, sunshine kabocha squash purée, flowering kale, chicharron


If you are looking for a new brunch place to try in San Francisco, this place is a must! From the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly to the gooey sweet malsadas, you are in for quite the treat.

Next time, I'm making sure I go back with an emptier stomach and promise to get my hands on their guava mimosas! YES! GUAVA MIMOSAS!