My Slow Sunday Morning Routine

Life is so fast paced and sometimes, it's easy to lose ourselves in the chaos of city living. Slower mornings make all the difference to set a positive and calm mood for the day. I can't say this is a routine I'm able to do every day, so if it's only once a week... I'll take it!  Nothing makes me feel better about slow Sunday mornings when it begins with freshly brewed coffee and sunlight shining through the window. It's freedom... from chasing the alarm clock from the 10 alarms, to making sure you walk into the office on time.

As an individual who is prone to anxiety and depression, quiet moments like these are essential for well-being. As a way of grounding, it's no surprise that Sundays are becoming my favorite and most creative day of the week. Here how I start my day.

My Sunday Morning Essentials


I love lighting candles in my home. Even better, I rub my hands together with some essential oils, inhale it's aroma, then rub the rest on the back of my neck. Aromatherapy is known to reduce anxiety, ease depression, strengthen the immune system and boost cognitive performance.

To nurture a calming and grounding ambiance, try oil diffusers or candles with scents like lavender, sandalwood or frankincense.

Fresh Brewed Coffee

One cup of good coffee can energize and positive attitude. I recently got a bodum pour-over coffee maker, and have truly fallen for the intimate and cozy experience of making coffee in my pajamas. My suggestion for you: be intentional in this process. Choose high quality coffee grounds that you enjoy, pour it in a mug that makes you happy, and add your favorite creamer. I realized not half-assing what I chose at the store made a huge difference in how enjoyable this cup of coffee can be. I've cut back on my Starbucks rubs (at least on Sundays lol) and I have zero regrets!

Chill Electronic Vibes

Music is a essential tool for creative flow. It hits me right in the feels whether I'm at a high or a low in life. During the week, I can listen to anything from Mac Dre to Odesza to 2000's R&B. But, the vibe changes on Sunday mornings. My heart flutters for chill electronic vibes on days like this.

If you're trying to catch me drift, vibe with me in this Spotify playlist: chill tracks.

Design The Week Ahead

This is probably my favorite part of the Sunday routine... busting out the bujo, getting creative with my favorite pens, and starting a fresh weekly layout! Design the life you love. I've always been a planner addict, so whether in my bullet journal or in a planner, I love spending time to craft the week ahead. After a crazy week, a fresh page is a reminder to move forward with a fresh perspective.

In this very moment, be present. This is the moment in the week where YOU have control to truly design what your week will look like. This will determine whether you will get shit done, or not. This ritual is both productive and fun, and an effective way to spend investing in time management.

So give this a try! On Sundays, cater to all you are senses in positive ways. What aromas make you feel good? What tastes do you love? What sounds put you in an uplifting mood? What do you want your week to look like, and how will you make that happen? In short, be intentional with slow mornings and it will love you back in return.

I'm trying something new with the blog starting this week. Each blog post will have a reflection question at the end to help you apply my content to your own life. Feel free to comment below and let me know! xo

Questions of the week: what are some of your favorite ways to spend Sunday Mornings? What are your favorite feelings in the morning?