Essential Apps for San Francisco Living

Let's admit that though we may be spending a little too much time on our phones, there's a lot of helpful things it can help us do! We can talk, manage, email, play, and request rides at the touch of a button.

Here's a roundup of my essential apps for living in San Francisco! A little planning and preparation goes a long way for an enjoyable commute. Just a few little details that make San Francisco living a little less chaotic.

My 7 Must Have Lifestyle Apps


  1. Spotify - The feeling when you are on the Muni but forget your headphones! UGH! When I don't forget them, this is how I listen to music on my daily commute. Yes, I have Spotify premium for the offline music and custom playlists. Yes, it is worth it  ...especially when you can expect to get stuck in muni tunnels without any cell phone service. 

  2. MuniWatch - SFTMA's MuniWatch app maps out all the bus routes, and shows live updated arrival times. No need to wait at the bus stop for 20 minutes, and wondering where the hell it is!

  3. Prism - Consider this app a one stop shop for personal finance. You can connect all your bills, and pay each bill from one place!

  4. Venmo - the modern day way to "split the bill" with friends. Goodbye to the days of the dreaded cash count post dinner, or the restaurants that only accept 2 cards at a time. Also, where was this my freshman year of college?!

  5. Hype - How I look up unique places and events in the city. I also post a lot of my San Francisco hidden gems on there too! Follow me @kimiko.marie for all my city secrets!

  6. GroupMe - group conversations that don't label friends green or blue. I still prefer GroupMe over the built in group chat features.

  7. Lyft and/or Uber - (Which ever your preference is) These apps are essential for getting around, and it's also created so many opportunities for side hustles! We all know having a car here can be a pain-in-the-butt, and sometimes Muni just isn't gonna happen after a long day. Again, where was this my freshman year of college?

What are some of your favorite apps?

Share with me! I'd Love to try them out! :)