Life Lessons from Wildflowers

As promised, this week I'd bring it back to my deep thinking, intentional roots. Often, I refer to the wildflower lifestyle: my blog's philosophy statement. It's also the same set of life principles I follow in my daily life. 

Two years ago, I came across a quote by E.V. Rogina on instagram, and I'm pretty sure that's where this all started. "Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." This little quote planted the seed for what grew to become my life + style blog. Here's a little wisdom inspired by that same idea.

Three Life Lessons From Wildflowers

Withstand the tough conditions

Wildflowers are difficult plants to tame.  The stubborn flowers find ways to grow through cracks on concrete, and even in tough conditions like the side of the highway.

My point? We all experience many obstacles in life, and you should never let those challenges stop you from pursuing your goals. Wildflowers don't let shitty circumstances determine whether or not they blossom. They just do it anyways! Be unapologetic for your passions. Don't let unexpected events weaken your stance. Be resilient. Power through all your goals on both, the good and bad days.

Nature already made you beautiful

Wildflowers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Each are so different, and need certain environments that help them grow their best. You are the same way. Your story, is yours only. In the world of social media, it's so easy to fall into the trap of comparison. Don't ever let that take away from your self worth. You are enough. You are MORE than enough. You may be dreaming about being a perfect rose, when in fact, you are a sunflower different, yet beautiful in your own right.

Be Adventurous

Wildflowers have no mercy. They are small and mighty. They constantly surprise people because of where they choose to root themselves. Hold yourself to that same standard. Sometimes, we have to pave our own roads in life. Sometimes, we have to be the one to break the glass ceilings. That's okay! Don't be afraid to become that role model you've always looked for. Surprise others with what you're capable of accomplishing. Even better, surprise yourself! Be adventurous, whether that's in the miles you travel, or adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Reflect on this | What's a place you've wanted to visit, or an activity you've been tempted to try? Be spontaneous, and make plans to achieve that goal this month! make it happen!

Do you suppose she is a Wildflower?, said the Daisy

We don’t let Wildflowers grow here, Independent minds and wild hearts are not encouraged’.
— Adventures of Alice in Wonderland