Live Life in Full Bloom

I've missed you all! *ugly crying face*
It's been a few crazy weeks on my end, and well... I'm burnt out to say the least. Mercury Retrograde kicked me around a little, but I made it out in one piece! 

Speaking of pieces, here's one I'm dying to rave about. Aside from the cute floral embroidery on this mesh top, I quickly fell for it's words: LIVE LIFE IN FULL BLOOM.

In short, give it all you got. Live life for what it's worth and quit having doubts in what your capable of doing. Don't let negativity distract you from what you want to pursue. You will be the only one capable of breaking your own glass ceiling. 

Do you realize that many of the barriers that we face with our goals are from ourselves? We paralyze ourselves from the first little step in fear of rejection, disapproval, statistic or even fear of change itself. 

live life in full bloom san francisco blogger

Let's start here. What's an idea you've had and just held onto?

That idea is where you have your opportunity to bloom. It doesn't have to be big and intimidating it could be something simple like...

  • give someone a call and rekindle an old friendship that fell apart
  • step out of your comfort zone and launch that blog you've been meaning to begin
  • apply for that new dream job, no second guesses
  • reach out to someone in the creative community that you admire
live life in full bloom san francisco blogger

If there's one thing you take from this post, I hope it's this...

take any of your ideas, even the smallest one you have, and make it happen. Ideas only have it's impact once it's brought into actuality.

 Happy Blooming! xo

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