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Rise and Shine! This week I've been fighting the rain and trying to stay dry. Metaphorically and in real life, of course... I really need a new umbrella. lol. Aside from the actual rain, I've basking in all the self-care I need to act as an umbrella for sad thoughts. I keep it to a minimum on KK because there are so many brighter things to share and that's where I want to guide all of our energy towards. However, I also want to also be transparent through my highs and lows. I do my best to keep a content, happy, grounded image online. Far too often, I'm actually a hot mess, which a far more accurate depiction of my true self. Sometimes I'm moody and need to recharge. Sometimes, I'm happy but just hilariously clumsy as hell. I'm working on letting loose a bit and showing those more candid & un-curated sides of me.

Through this life-long emotional roller coaster, I gotta tune in to the same advice I often share. I'm no stranger to understanding the importance of emotional first aid, and I'm an open book when it comes to talking through depression and anxiety with friends. I know one of the healthiest things to do is to express what's on your chest, with someone, or through a medium that makes you feel safe. When I have these deeper conversations, one thing always rings true: take it one day at a time. So join me, and let's do just that. 

Rock Wall Wine Company

On another lighter note: I've got another list of fire ass favorites for you all! Keep reading for things I've been feelin' lately!


  1. WINE TASTING IN THE BAY: In the last two months, my girls have been back twice: first for Galentine's and just went back last week for Anjuli's birthday! Sometimes, the trip to wine country is too much of day trip. Rock Wall Wine Company has fine wine, good food, and a huge outdoor patio for lounging all day. It takes nothing more than a short trip across the Bay Bridge for a mini getaway.

  2. FOR THE GRAM: As you know my vibe and overall aesthetic is well, dark colors and jewel tones, so Fall forever has my heart. Spring is upon us though, and with new seasons... it's a time to bloom! Time to take risks. I can't get myself into pastels easily except a few poppin' exceptions, but I've been taking some risk with white and I think I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for upcoming fits. For me, capturing the season's elements into my photos are just as important. I came across this read, 6 Tips to Photograph Spring by Artifact Uprising. It gave me some real good inspiration.

  3. FOR THE HOME: You guys know how I feel about keeping a cozy minimal home. If you love hygge and other Scandinavian design trends, you'll love this approach to home decor that comes straight from Sweden, called lagom. Pronounced "lah-gom," which means "not too little, not too much," lagom is all about balance and finding that spot that is "just right." It means not overdoing it with clutter or decor, but also not living in a sparsely decorated home or too minimalistic. This lagom decor guide from Invaluable helps you learn more about ways you can easily add lagom decor to your home, like filling your home with plants and other natural materials like wood or stones.

  4. BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK: One of my favorite posts I've written was Lessons Learned from Growing Up in the Bay. This may sound like a shameless plug, but I read this same post often to remind me of how beautiful, eclectic and diverse the culture is in the Bay. Take a moment to visit this throwback. It'll make you happy you're right at home in this special little bubble of ours.


KK Challenge: Try something new

KK is meant to inspire you to explore new places in San Francisco, but sometimes doing just that makes you realize new things about yourself! On the theme of trying new things, I'm throwing in a new challenge at the end of these KK:FF Round-ups. 

This week it's all about getting out of your comfort zone. Try something new. What is something you have thought about trying but haven't done yet? Manifest it. Even if it's as small as trying that one place you pass by each day, take a moment this week to walk into opportunity. 

Let me know what you'll do to step out of your comfort zone in the comments below! xo

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Friday Favorites 001

Hi friends, it’s been over a month. Okay, almost two actually. I’m alive and well! Since my last update, I’ve officially moved in with Tigran and have had my head down focusing on my 9-5. Is it me, or has 2018 been a whirlwind already? 😵

empty rooms means no clutter and room for all the activities! 

empty rooms means no clutter and room for all the activities! 

As for blogging, I’ve had a true ah ha moment. I’ve spent the last two years trying to master my work flow, and prioritized creating searchable, beautiful curated content. In the midst of all the method to the madness, I lost heart for what I truly started it for... my love for writing, going on adventures and sharing those San Francisco hidden gems. In short, you could say that I lost sense of my true north, but It’s my time to bring it back to my roots. When growing a blog, there is no magic formula that works for everyone. You will only fly when you do what you love and what works best for you. 

To get you all caught up on where my heart and mind has been at lately, I’m starting a new series called Friday Favorites! A list of good reads and products I am loving. Enjoy. 🖤

my bb monstera monroe, and a few of my favorite coffee table books! also, peep the Baymax tsum tsum!

my bb monstera monroe, and a few of my favorite coffee table books! also, peep the Baymax tsum tsum!

current read to get me out of all these feels.  

current read to get me out of all these feels.  

Adorable latte art courtesy of Cocola Bakery in Stonestown Galleria.  

Adorable latte art courtesy of Cocola Bakery in Stonestown Galleria.  


1. Friday mornings are for the the Girl’s Night In newsletter. Haven’t heard of GNI? Indulge in some wisdom for wellness, self-care queens and join the girl gang of babes who call it a night at 9pm. 🤷🏻‍♀️😴🍷📚

2. Download the Fit + Thick app. The app guides you through circuit style weight training and plyometrics workouts. Founder of the brand, Nicole Mejia is all about embracing the journey to thriving health, while nurturing self-love and acceptance for a thick body! UM YES PLEASE. Ya girl has curves and thick thighs and proud to know there’s a community of fellow fit + thick friends out there. 🍑

3. Current commute read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Mark Manson is in your face and unapologetic much-needed dose of reality. The book isn’t your typical self-help book, but it does help you figure out how to funnel out what’s important and what really doesn’t f**king matter. 🙊

4. Teddy Bear Latte art from Cocola in San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria. How does one drink a latte this cute and not feel bad?! 🐻☕️

5. I’m over here trying to be a good plant mama. 🌱 As a welcome home gift to myself, I brought home this beautiful medium sized monstera from Sloat Nursery. As of yesterday, I noticed a new leaf is starting to grow! Seems symbolic for all the growth i’ve been working through.  If you have any tips for nurturing a home for a monstera, please let me know!  

6. We know the vintage pictures are a thing right now, and I can’t help but swoon over the Fuji film vibes myself. Actually, all the pictures in this post are taken with an app! If you don’t already have Huji Cam, you might want to hop on it. Hello, disposable camera aesthetic, minus the 3-5 business day film development. 😜

See you next week! xo