Get Puzzled at EscapeSF

No spoilers ahead... safe to keep reading! 🥃🖤

No spoilers ahead... safe to keep reading! 🥃🖤

If you could live through any other era, what would it be? For me, I'm positive it would be the Roaring 20's. There is something I love about the spirit of the era: the risqué secrets of prohibition, the hidden speakeasys and the glamorous style.

Luckily, Escape SF helped us travel back in time as we solved the Blind Tiger escape room. I gathered a few of my girls, encouraged them to get in their best modern day meets 1920’s inspired attire, and we took the Blind Tiger Room head on.

If you've never done an escape room before, you must know every great escape room has a strong backstory, including this one.

Here's the backstory: 

It’s 1928, the prohibition era. Last week, the biggest bootlegging bosses of the country were arrested in a historic sweep as they were sitting in an underground speakeasy divvying up territories of influence and lucrative rum-running routes. Now there is nobody left to run the business – unless you can do it, of course. Your job is to obtain the names of the 7 arrested mafioso and gain control of the biggest, baddest money making endeavor of the century.

Out of the 4 themed rooms EscapeSF has to offer, I couldn't deny this one... despite it being the most challenging to solve of them all.

escape sf escape room blind tiger

Why Escape Rooms

In short, escape rooms are hella fun with friends. It wasn't until my good friend Arielle introduced me to them earlier this year, did I realize why they live up to the hype. Escape rooms are meant to get you to think outside the box, solve hard problems and work together as a team to get out before time runs out.

In most cases, you have an hour in a themed room to solve all the puzzles and find the keys to get out. Depending on the company hosting, you may or may not be given hints along the way.

Don't worry, you'll get a full overview of the rules before entering the room. 

escape sf escape room blind tiger
escape sf escape room blind tiger
escape sf escape room blind tiger
escape sf escape room blind tiger

The Best Experience with EscapeSF

We loved it! I'd recommend EscapeSF as a unique way to bond with your friends, family or co-workers. All of their rooms host 2-5 people total, so choose wisely. 😉 You can't solve escape rooms alone, so you'll need a strong diverse thinking team to overcome the puzzles. 🤔

They use prop-production, programmable micro-controllers, and game-design theory to make it one-of-a-kind. By creating an intentional themed experience mixed with their challenging puzzles, those intricate details immerse you right into the storyline

While participating, you'll be monitored and are welcome to ask for hints if you get stuck. There aren’t a limited number on hints, but that's no fun if you rely on them. We definitely needed a few nudges and clues while we were there, but it's more fun and rewarding without the extra guidance. Truthfully, we somehow managed to barely escape with 2 short minutes to spare, but couldn't have done it alone!

we escaped at escape sf

When we finally got the last door unlocked, we were rewarded with bracelets to back up our bragging rights... but damn, without those hints it would've taken some extremely clever minds to get through that. 

escape sf escape room blind tiger

A huge thank you to EscapeSF for inviting me to share this experience.

It truly lives up to it's reputation as one of the best escape room experiences in San Francisco.