Get to Know Me

Let me keep it real, this post took me so long to write. Sure, I'm open sharing all the best things about my blog topics and willing to answer hard questions. However, even as a blogger, writing a post directly about me gives me a little anxiety.

When I'm going through a big transition in life (like my recent career change), I get reclusive and take a step back from everything else. Now that I've regained my flow with work and life, I'll be posting weekly again. Kindly Kimiko community, welcome back!

Take a moment to get caught up by reading my about page, and a few fun FAQ's below. 

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How would you best describe yourself in a few words?

bay area bred, with a mindful earthy heart and always on the move, getting things done.

Guilty Pleasures

My guilty pleasure is listening to my inner couch potato. I love being lazy with my other half, T, and our two pups, Yoshi and Socks.

Things I Love

3-wick candles, sunsets and views, iced vanilla lattes, fluffy pups, bullet journals, plants, and national parks

Things I  dislike

brussel sprouts, eating ginger, salty attitudes, and shallow topic conversations

Can you describe your personal style uniform?

My go-to uniform is a black leather jacket, bold Quay Australia sunnies, high waisted skinny jeans and chunky heeled booties. 

Why do you talk about self-care so much?

We're raised in a society that has made us believe self-care is indulgent, but truly it's an essential need to prevent us from burn out!

In 2013, I thought being healthy was all tight abs and a skinny waist. After seeing solid results for the first time, I fell in love with matter the cost. While on a strict diet plan with a coach, I pushed myself too hard until I could barely function and was dragging every day. Though my body new looked better, I felt so broken internally and began a vicious cycle of binge eating. Though it was an ultimate low, it was a defining moment for how I perceived health and wellness.  From then on, I realized that health was so much more than looking fit, it was a holistic and balanced approach to life. Emotional and mental health are equally important as physical health is. I'm a firm believer that you cannot sustainably have one without the others. Now, I use my platform to inspire and encourage others to adopt self-care into their daily lives.

What do you love most about San Francisco?

There's always something new to find and the city has so many unique layers to experience. It's got beautiful parks and views mixed in with the hustle and bustle of a busy metropolitan city. But my favorite? The fact that San Francisco has many micro-cultures which translates into it's communities, food and people. I truly never run out of inspiration or things to write about here.

Describe your food philosophy.

I really enjoy eating, especially growing up in a Filipino-American household. Being raised in that culture meant food is an expression of love and hospitality. The more food, the merrier. If you've been to a filipino party, you know exactly what I mean.

Influenced by my culture growing up, my current approach to food is balanced between enjoying food with the company of others, while being mindful of making healthy food choices that are flavorful but also fuel my body. To this day, I'm still practicing finding that sweet spot. It's seriously an ongoing challenge!

Favorite Ways to Treat Yo' Self?

Let's call out a few guilty pleasures! First and foremost, I have a weakness for shopping binges at Target, starchy carbs, or a new pairs of boots. If I'm feeling really low, I lift my spirits with a whole day of quiet self-care solitude and watch Ali Wong's Baby Cobra on Netflix with my dogs. 

Describe your friendship with your childhood best friend, Abbie.

Chances are you have already seen Abbie in at least half of my posts, and will continue to do so forever.  Our moms were friends before we were born, so we were family friends since we were buns in the oven. At 18, we coincidentally committed to the same college, and decided to move into our first apartment together. We grew together every step of the way of our crazy college lives, and became sorority sisters, business partners and best friends. I mean, she still lives 2 miles away, and she's the only person I facetime consistently. lol. 

What inspires you to blog?

This creative outlet is a sanctuary to me. I have had a blog on several platforms over the years.. since I was an early teen: from xanga, myspace, tumblr, wordpress, now my own domain as of 2016. It's continues to grow and expand as time goes by. It's a creative medium I've kept close all this time.

While it is a self-care practice for me, I'm glad this platform connects me with others. Being here gives me a chance to be transparent about the highs and lows, and relate to others who go through similar experiences. So to each of you, thanks for being here. I hope you find something on the blog that encourages you to seek adventure. 

san francisco sightglass coffee soma lifestyle

Coffee Shop: Sightglass Coffee in SOMA, San Francisco
Photographer: Rachel Radcliffe

Top: Express
Bottom: H&M
Quartz Crystal Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot