Holiday Season Self-Care Ideas

The holiday season is about comfort, celebration and joy... but it can also be a stressful time of year. Take a moment to step back, and recharge with these holiday season self-care ideas!


Enjoy a hot drink and some quiet time

Find some quiet time at home and make yourself a warm cup of tea, cocoa or spiced cider. ☕️ In the midst of several holiday gatherings, gift shopping, while still balancing work, family and play, you are vulnerable to overload burnout.

So give your tastebuds a treat, take your time and kick it for a bit.

Tis the season to eat nutritious food!

Holiday gatherings are notorious for being the enemy of healthy eating habits, but fear not! Let's change the lens for a minute...

Instead of waiting until New Years to pick up better eating habits, you can start today. During this time of year, put extra focus on eating nutritious daily meals full of protein, and colorful fruits and veggies. It doesn’t mean you have to fend off the cravings during your holiday gatherings, treat yourself! But your body will thank you for nourishing it before and after those hefty food-filled parties. 😋


Create a calm, yet festive space to decompress

Take the initiative to intentionally create a welcoming festive space in your home. Make it cozy with candles, cable knit blankets, warm neutral color palettes and twinkle lights. ✨ Top it off with your favorite holiday playlist. 

Creating this calm and welcoming space is essential for festive at-home comfort, for you and your loved ones to enjoy together. Share the space by playing games, wine night or watching movie marathon.

Take a hot yoga class

Feeling chilly? Warm yourself up and sweat it out with a hot yoga class at a local studio. Yoga in a heated room increases your pulse and metabolism, making it a great way to burn those extra calories around those hefty holiday meals. 

Reconnect with your loved ones

Take this opportunity to catch up with old friends or family that you haven't seen in awhile. Whether this means reaching out to them with a call or text, catching up at a party, or simply sending out holiday your appreciation for your loved ones, no matter how distant they may be nowadays. 💕


End of the year journal reflection

Last but definitely not least, bring those 2017 journaling sessions full circle. Beginning from January, go through each month and reflect on all your memories, milestones and accomplishments. By taking time for a little self-love nostalgia, you will gain a holistic view on how your year went and prepare mentally for a strong new year resolution. 📝

cable knit blankets, puppies and an empowering read

cable knit blankets, puppies and an empowering read


What are some ways you practice self-care during the holiday season? Let me know below! :)