Kitava, A Healthy Lunch in the Mission

kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco

Sunday mornings are usually for brunch, am I right? Instead of going straight to stuff our faces, Abbie and I have been using Sunday mornings to sweat it out and hang out over a good workout. This time, we went to Orange Theory Fitness and we were DEAD AF. We really needed some food to refuel and wanted to pick a place mindfully, even though we've got weak spots for mimosas. 

Along with fitness, we've been making mindful eating choices, and Abbie completed the Whole30 meal plan. For this week's Sunday eats, we needed to go somewhere that would accommodate that. We ended up at Kitava: a healthy eats restaurant that serves nutritious whole foods. And it tastes so good, you almost feel guilty about it. 

kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco

The small gluten-free restaurant is in the heart of the Mission and is right across the street from 16th Street Bart Station. Walk in and you'll be welcomed by minimal decor, natural elements and fun graphics on the walls. We went up to the main counter, ordered our food and sat at a table near the entrance. The staff was friendly and overall had a calm, relaxing vibe.

kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco
kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco

What we ordered:

  • Cuban Bowl: naturally sweet plantains, avocado, kale slaw, cilantro-garlic mojo sauce, white rice (or cauliflower rice) & beans (or extra kale slaw)
  • Butternut squash hummus with yucca chips
  • Fried Plantains: naturally sweet plantain slices sprinkled with sea salt, paired with chipotle aioli
  • Pinot Sage Kombucha
healthy eats san francisco mission district

Food with a purpose: Kitava's Food Philosophy

As we waited for our food something caught my eye. At our table, I saw a little card that talked more about their food philosophy. That's where I learned about where and how they sourced their ingredients: 

  • All the food is made from scratch
  • Kitava prides themselves in assuring the food is sourced consciously
  • They make sure to fill the dishes with veggies that are dense with nutrients. Bye bye iceberg lettuce! 
  • The meat they use are only grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and pork, and wild-caught salmon
  • The recipes only incorporate naturally occurring fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainably sourced palm oil. 
kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco
kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco
kitava healthy food restaurant mission san francisco

Everything we ordered was a customer favorite, and we could see why! All food was flavorful and filling. I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes I feel like veggie heavy meals just don't always cut it and I get hungry shortly after. I didn't have that issue with Kitava.

Also, I want to note the portion was generous. Even with the big bowl, the taste was so satisfying that it made me savor my bites anyways. 

I'm already thinking about the butternut squash hummus with yucca chips again. If I could take some of that home, I'd be snacking on it all day!

If you're looking for healthy nourishing food and find yourself in the Mission District, this is a spot you don't want to pass up. Hope you enjoy!

big bowl food healthy eats san francisco
kitava healthy eats san francisco

Yoga, Chai and Live Cello

What used to be a laundry mat owned by a family many years ago, is now one of San Francisco modern day creative escapes. The Laundry, is a local hub for creativity, community and connection and has been only open for about a year or so. It's a pop-up coffee shop, an art gallery and a venue, all in one. 


I had the opportunity to discover this sanctuary as a Hype Influencer at one of their several monthly experiences, a yoga class with live cello. Before getting settled, Abbie and I walked downstairs to a dimly lit, yet colorful and calm room. We laid out our mats, and sipped on some chai tea before the rest of class settled in.


Between our instructor Maayan's soothing voice, and Josh McClain's cell vibrations, the environment nurtured a calming sound bath to bring focus to our practice. Something about the vibrations and accoustics of the cello really elevated the whole experience. After a long day in the office as an Executive Assistant, there's nothing I enjoy more than a calming class to slow my pace before bedtime. 


Thank you Hype for hosting a wonderful experience!

If it wasn't for this app, I wouldn't have been able to discover such unique activities in this crazy city. Using Hype has given me the insider scoop to places I've never known about, and new stories that bring happiness and health to my life.


VENUE: The Laundry 
CELLIST: Josh McClain

Making Terrariums with Paxton Gate

I can't tell you how long I've been wanting to take a terrarium class! Luckily, Hype App was hosting experiences for a few of their San Francisco influencers, and I received an invitation to attend a class with Paxton Gate. Paxton Gate, a store full of natural world inspired oddities and curiosities has two store locations in the Mission District of San Francisco.


We were welcomed into a naturally lit cozy classroom on the second floor of their building. Wren, our knowledgable instructor had all the materials set out for us upon our arrival. We began the day by introducing ourselves and sharing our inspiration for taking the class. Some of the attendees had been returning visitors from Paxton Gate's previous plant classes, so at that point, I already knew I was in good hands.


We finally got to get our hands dirty! Following her lead, Wren showed us the essential parts of a bog, the ideal environment for carnivorous plants. Unlike others, carnivorous plants such as Venus Fly Traps, Sun Dews and Pitcher Plants need to consume insects because their soils usually lack nutrients. The insects help them stay nourished, and surprisingly, it's more novelty. They really only need about 3-4 small bugs a year to survive.


Wren had all the details visually written on the board for us, which made it extremely easy to follow. The class was so informative, I had to start taking notes on my phone so I knew how to keep my new little plants alive! She set a solid foundation from telling us about each plant's origin, the importance of layers and design and most importantly, aftercare.

Along with meeting several others taking the class, my new friend and fellow Hype Influencer, Nick Ryan was curating a minimal bog. He kept it creative and made it his own! 



I have the hardest time making decisions sometimes, and it didn't help when we were given so many (and I mean MANY) fun choices! We got to pick from a variety of rocks, plants and moss to incorporate into the bogs. With so much creative freedom, each of us participants went home with a terrarium as unique as ourselves. 



Isn't it adorable?! My newest little plant bbs have been holding up well thanks to having this great class, and it's been fun to watch them catch little bugs around the home. In short, take a class with Wren! She is THE BEST! I know sometimes it's hard to justify paying for a fun class in SF when you can DIY and Pinterest, but I can't express how valuable it was having her botany knowledge and guidance each step through the creation process. 



After the completion of the class, I walked down the street to Paxton Gate's main location. The store is incredibly one of a kind! I found myself wandering the back of the store and into their patio. The whole back section was full of plants and I was tempted to bring something home, but I knew I had three new plant bbs to take care of, and I was so excited to bring them home. 


Thank you again to Paxton Gate and Hype App for hosting my experience! 

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