Ethereal Ear Crawlers

Inspiration comes from many places. One of the things I've been star strucked for lately, is well... stars! Dreamy night skies, the milky way, and constellations to be exact. This mental mood board has started to translate through new pieces I've been picking up from clothes to jewelry. To my surprise, I found these constellation inspired ear crawlers during one of my routine Target runs. 

sugarfix by baublebar star ear crawler earrings

ear crawlers? what's to love?

I love ear crawlers because unlike regular ear cuffs, this type of earring has a standard post with secure backing, and cuffs at the top.  I lose ear cuffs all the damn time, and with these I never have to worry. For the record, I've been wearing them on repeat with just about any outfit.

sugarfix by baublebar star ear crawler earrings

How do you style them?


My favorite way to style these babies are pairing them with minimal gold necklaces and rings.


With these beauties hugging my ears, I either wear my hair in a slick low pony. If I keep my hair down, I make sure to pull my hair back, because we all know these need to be star of the show.

You can find these through the Sugarfix by Baublebar line at Target

sugarfix by baublebar star ear crawler earrings