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So many of you tuning in are fellow content creators and bloggers. Reflecting back on my journey over the past few years made me realize how big the learning curve really is. I know how much time you put into your content and your platforms, let alone taking on brand collaborations. There is so much to track and I know it can feel overwhelming!

What helped me continue every step of the way was connecting with my fellow creative community. On top of meeting some of the most passionate, hardworking people I know, they generously shared resources that helped me grow and perfect my craft. Now, it’s about paying it forward.

Two years back, I created a google sheet that tracks my entire workflow around blogging. I’ve refined it ever since, and now I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Literally, I keep a tab open at all times. In the spirit of those that helped me, I’m sharing my google template with you!

What Does the Google Sheets Template Track?

  • Stay ahead of your to-do list with goal trackers

  • Plan content with the editorial calendar 

  • Organize your brand collaborations, affiliate codes and deliverables

  • See how much you’re really spending with the budget tracker

  • Store all your favorite resources (book recommendations, websites, podcasts, etc)

  • Create an address book for all your brand contacts and more!

Who is this template work best for?

Anyone using the influencer business model for sponsored brand collaborations. Even if it’s titled “organizing your blogger workflow”, this template is also perfect for any type of creative who currently or will take on brand collaborations. This tool will get you one step ahead of the game.

And honestly, if you aren’t planning to collab with brands, this workflow tracker still has many other tabs that will be incredibly useful. You can delete (or add) anything that helps you stay organized!

PRO TIP: make sure to reference the user guide that comes with it, so you know how to make the most of this tool.

GREAT! Now How do I Get it?

Enter your email on the form below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox!

Can I use the template on my phone?

The short answer, YES! However, when initially downloading it, I recommend opening it up on a desktop/laptop computer first. Due to Google Sheets formatting, it will be much easier for you to set up. Once you’ve got that squared away, you can download the Google Sheets app to access it from anywhere!

I have questions and feedback about the template. Who can I reach out to?

I’m here to help! Feel free to reach out anytime by emailing me at

Get the template, straight to your inbox.

I’m happy to share any other resources or questions you may have about blogging, self-care, productivity or organization! Want a blog launch checklist? How to reach out to brands for collaboration? Let me know what you want to see next, by commenting on this post below!

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Highlights from Femme Fair


I'm still buzzing from all the girl power vibes! Abbie and I had the opportunity to attend Femme Fair, a San Francisco blogger bazaar. The event was hosted by Stacey, Christina and Mel, three incredibly badass style bloggers. The hard work and energy they put into the event was noticed by everyone in the room. Every little detail of the event was intentionally planned, from the handcrafted welcome sign to the #femmefair floor decals. We. Were. SHOOK.

We had a chance to swing by a little early, and got to mingle with other female entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives from the San Francisco Bay Area. It felt so good to get to know others in the creative community, in statement of Women's History Month and proceeds that supported Planned Parenthood

There are so many bomb things to point out about the event, but here are a few favorite highlights!
(All the links are listed at the bottom of the post!)

The Treats

Our inner foodie came out to play. For those of you know that Abbie and I grew up together, you might also know that our parents raised us to appreciate all kinds of food. It's kind of ingrained in our DNA. The food and drink sponsors for Femme Fair offered a very balanced selection! We loved the Y.So.Sweet cotton candy treats, Campari America's refreshing aperol spritz and the SweetGreen salads.

A Photobooth Worthy for Beyonce

Can we talk about this photo booth really quick? Have you ever seen one styled as cute as this?! Let's be real. Between the vintage vespa, the fluffy clouds and floral throne, this photobooth set the bar. So, you know we had to take a few... okay, maybe several, pictures here! 



DJ That Girl's set was the perfect soundtrack for Femme Fair. From 90's and 2000's hip hop and r&b throwbacks to iconic girl power anthems, it was lit. 

The Wall of Empathy

In addition to the trendy aesthetic, the wall of empathy was an interactive way for attendees to contribute to the GRL PWR vibes. If you look closely, many of the leaves have gold writing on them. Attendees were able to grab a leaf, write an empowering statement with a gold sharpie, and place it on the wall. We made sure to participate. 

Overall, we had a hell of a time. It was inspiring to see what creative collaboration could truly accomplish, and yes, you know we definitely left with some new pieces for our closet too.

It sounds like there is a Femme Fair 2.0 in the works, so follow @femmefair on instagram to stay tuned for the next round! You can bet, we'll see you there.

Our Chokers: Victoria and Marie
Hosts: Stacey, Christina and Mel
Drinks: aperol sprtiz by Campari America
Cotton Candy Cones: Y. So. Sweet
The Wall of Empathy: By Praise of ComePlum, Styled by Claire Xue
Salads: Sweet Green
DJ: Dj That Girl
Event's Creative Director: Claire Xue
Swag Bag Haul: blog post coming soon!