Bring Joy to your Muni Commute

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There's two kinds of people in San Francisco. Those who choose to use MUNI and those who refuse to give it a chance. As for me, I have a personal love/hate relationship with MUNI, but I am well versed when it comes to the transit map. 

Choosing to use a form of public transit improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy for metropolitan areas like San Francisco. Many employers in the city even provide commuter benefits to their employees!

Beyond the eco-consicous commuting efforts, every day is an adventure to say the least ...and the stories sure come with it! Despite rush hour crowds, and other parts of the experience that may commonly bog you down, believe me, there are ways to make the most of your ride.

market street san francisco lifestyle blogger



Have you every left your headphones at home? Aren't those days the worst?! This backup pair should be headphones you have laying at home, or if you must purchase some, don't find the need to splurge on it.

Speaking of back up, it's also important to have an offline playlist ready just in case the tunnel blocks reception. 


This is a luxury! You can't do this if you drive to work...safely at least. Remember that book you picked up and never read? Here is your chance to finally finish (or start) reading it!


This is my secret to any self-led learning! One of the things people ask me often is how I have the time to learn about social media, blogging and business entrepreneurship while working a full-time job. Well, this is my secret. Make the most of time you can't take back on your commute. Use it fill your mind with positive beneficial things that help you grow, not towards pondering random thoughts.


Don't take it so seriously! The last thing anyone in a crowded MUNI train wants to deal with, is a grumpy person spreading grumpiness to everyone around them, especially with minimal personal space. Being a grouch will not make yourself or the passengers around you any happier. Don't let the small things tick you off. Take it easy and flow with the ride. Eventually, everyone gets off at West Portal or Powell station anyways. 

market street san francisco lifestyle blogger
market street san francisco lifestyle blogger
market street san francisco lifestyle blogger
market street san francisco lifestyle blogger
market street san francisco lifestyle blogger
market street san francisco lifestyle blogger

Photography by: Rachel Radcliffe
Instagram: @rachelradcliffephotography

Outfit Details
Lightweight  Black Trench Coat: Similar Coat
"KIMIKO" Gladiator Heels: Michael Antonio at DSW
Sunnies: Quay Australia x Desi Perkins Sahara (Limited Edition) 


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Live Life in Full Bloom

I've missed you all! *ugly crying face*
It's been a few crazy weeks on my end, and well... I'm burnt out to say the least. Mercury Retrograde kicked me around a little, but I made it out in one piece! 

Speaking of pieces, here's one I'm dying to rave about. Aside from the cute floral embroidery on this mesh top, I quickly fell for it's words: LIVE LIFE IN FULL BLOOM.

In short, give it all you got. Live life for what it's worth and quit having doubts in what your capable of doing. Don't let negativity distract you from what you want to pursue. You will be the only one capable of breaking your own glass ceiling. 

Do you realize that many of the barriers that we face with our goals are from ourselves? We paralyze ourselves from the first little step in fear of rejection, disapproval, statistic or even fear of change itself. 

live life in full bloom san francisco blogger

Let's start here. What's an idea you've had and just held onto?

That idea is where you have your opportunity to bloom. It doesn't have to be big and intimidating it could be something simple like...

  • give someone a call and rekindle an old friendship that fell apart
  • step out of your comfort zone and launch that blog you've been meaning to begin
  • apply for that new dream job, no second guesses
  • reach out to someone in the creative community that you admire
live life in full bloom san francisco blogger

If there's one thing you take from this post, I hope it's this...

take any of your ideas, even the smallest one you have, and make it happen. Ideas only have it's impact once it's brought into actuality.

 Happy Blooming! xo

kindly kimiko
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Photography by Rachel Radcliffe
Instagram: @rachelradcliffephotography

Outfit Details
Mesh Top | H&M
Lightweight Bomber Jacket | Uniqlo
Druzy Quartz Choker | Victoria and Marie
Boyfriend Jeans | Forever 21



Slay as you are

Say goodbye to your inner critic, and hello to your inner baddie.

This one is for my girls. I know we are challenged to fit the mold... to meet the standards and boundaries society sets for us. Even though it's unspoken but it would be a lie to pretend it's not something we internally ponder over time-and-time again. 

Truthfully for awhile, I avoided style content all together.  But as I began to focus on a developing a holistic self-care focused lifestyle, I began to hear the mean words I whispered to myself... "how about start style blogging once you hit your goal weight?" Then I stopped myself. What a toxic mentality... and that's not who I am.

What kind of relationship would I be building with myself if I only celebrated life when my body was lean. It's nature for my body to change like the seasons. Sometimes blossoming in peak condition, and sometimes it's resting when needed. 

It's easy for me to support those around me, and empower others to slay as they are, but for some reason I had a difficulty translating that same unconditional love to myself.

My point? Celebrate life in the body you have today, and fill yourself with love the same way you do others. Most importantly learn to love and accept  yourself it in all it's stages.

So here is to all of us, slaying as we are! A thriving life begins when we take the time to appreciate ourselves, both inside and out.

Outfit Details

Top: Cotton On
Leggings: Victoria Sport
Boots: Forever 21 (from 2016)
Statement Necklace: Multikulti, San Francisco

Rachel Radcliffe
@rachelradcliffe on instagram