First things first, lets keep it 100.

Kindly, Kimiko is a personal life + style blog. All written and visual content is for informational awareness and/or entertainment purposes only. All opinions are my own. If you are looking for negative product reviews, you won't find them here. What you will find: honest praise for the people, places and things I Iove, respect and recommend. 

This platform promotes community through empowerment. Any negative, hateful or threatening comments or messages will not be tolerated on any platforms associated with Kindly, Kimiko. 

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In hopes to discover and feature new products, businesses & organizations worth sharing, occasionally I work with brands to promote content involving gifted items or sponsored posts and experiences.

All sponsored content is selectively chosen with to match my passions, values, and interests, and anything sponsored will be clearly identified in the content. 

Inquiries for Creative Collaborations

I'm always looking for local businesses, fun experiences and good eats to feature on Kindly, Kimiko. Are you a Bay Area based blogger, business or brand? Vibe recognize vibe? I'm all ears! For business or serious collaborative inquiries, please contact me directly at hello@kindlykimiko.com. Media kit available upon request.