HIking to Land's End Labyrinth

Spontaneous Saturdays

When the sun comes out on the weekend, we've learned not to think twice about getting outside. We know Karl, the Fog will swallow the sky without a moment's notice. With nothing more than Lea's leash and a camera, we hopped in Daniel's truck and headed to Land's End to explore the infamous labyrinth.

The sun was warm, while the air was crisp and cool. Surrounded by many others, it was easy to see we all had the same idea to get outside and explore the Land's End area. Some were locals and some were visitors. Some were families and some were friends. The people around us represented a spectrum of many individuals, all there for one reason: to enjoy the beauty of Golden Gate National Recreation Area on a sunny weekend.

Down a few more steps, we got to Mile Rock Beach. The waves there are particularly higher than nearby beach areas, so kept our distance from the water. It isn't the best spot for swimming, but you can enjoy a picnic or relax in the sand! One wave was loud enough to shake the ground, but hearing them continuously crash  against the rocks was both fun and soothing. Overall, the morning hike was a short and an easy-going stroll.

The labyrinth is there as a sign of peace, love and enlightenment for all
— Statement on Richmond District Blog

Visit the land's end Labryinth

Essentials: Wear comfortable shoes. Bring water, snacks and a phone (or camera) for awesome pictures. If four-legged friends comes along, remember to bring poop bags and leave no trace! 

Bathroom Tip: Plan ahead. Make a restroom trip prior to arriving, as there are no bathrooms in immediate proximity. For additional planning tips, check out more helpful details here or visit the NPS website for Land's End

Difficulty: The Land's End Labryinth makes for an easy to moderate hike, with a breathless view of the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. Taking our time, and starting our walk near the Legion of Honor, the short excursion (including Mile Rock Beach) was no more than 1-2 hours total. 

Why to love it: This place is a treasure of San Francisco that many locals hold close. Last summer, the hidden spot was vandalized by individuals that threw the curated rocks into the water. Overnight, the masterpiece disappeared. No more than one month after, a group of locals volunteered to rebuild the Land's End Labryinth, and that alone shows how much the community values it's presence. For visitors, it can easily fall behind the iconic San Francisco tourist attractions, but it's not one to miss. When visitors do find it, it's a meditative treat. For SF Bay Area locals, it's a great place to bring family, friends, and pups. (Just remember to be respectful of all the types of recreation happening around you!)

The next time Karl the fog is on hiatus, take the time to go outside and visit the Land's End Labryinth. When you approach the labryinth, I encourage you to enjoy it one step at a time. When you finally find yourself in the middle of it, you may be surprised to find your own center too.