Slay as you are

Say goodbye to your inner critic, and hello to your inner baddie.

This one is for my girls. I know we are challenged to fit the mold... to meet the standards and boundaries society sets for us. Even though it's unspoken but it would be a lie to pretend it's not something we internally ponder over time-and-time again. 

Truthfully for awhile, I avoided style content all together.  But as I began to focus on a developing a holistic self-care focused lifestyle, I began to hear the mean words I whispered to myself... "how about start style blogging once you hit your goal weight?" Then I stopped myself. What a toxic mentality... and that's not who I am.

What kind of relationship would I be building with myself if I only celebrated life when my body was lean. It's nature for my body to change like the seasons. Sometimes blossoming in peak condition, and sometimes it's resting when needed. 

It's easy for me to support those around me, and empower others to slay as they are, but for some reason I had a difficulty translating that same unconditional love to myself.

My point? Celebrate life in the body you have today, and fill yourself with love the same way you do others. Most importantly learn to love and accept  yourself it in all it's stages.

So here is to all of us, slaying as we are! A thriving life begins when we take the time to appreciate ourselves, both inside and out.

Outfit Details

Top: Cotton On
Leggings: Victoria Sport
Boots: Forever 21 (from 2016)
Statement Necklace: Multikulti, San Francisco

Rachel Radcliffe
@rachelradcliffe on instagram